duminică, 4 iulie 2010

Ingapirca (Inca Ruins)

Ingapirca (Kichwa: Inkapirka, "Inca wall") is a town in Cañar Province, Ecuador and the name of an Incan ruin site just outside the town itself.

The ruins are the largest Incan ruins in Ecuador. The most significant building is the temple of the sun, an elliptical shaped building constructed around a large rock. The building is constructed in the Incan way without mortar. The stones were simply chiseled and fashioned to fit together perfectly. The temple of the sun was positioned so that on the solstices, at exactly the right time of day, sunlight would fall through the center of the doorway of the small chamber at the top of the temple. Most of this chamber has fallen down. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ingapirca)

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